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Chronon 3.2 released

We usually update Chronon so often (almost every few days) that when we even sometimes we do a traditional company style update, which takes a few weeks, our users get a little upset :-)

But not to worry, because version 3.2 is finally here!

We got delayed a bit with this one because some of the bugfixes and performance enhancements we wanted to make needed us to change the recording file format in a way that broke compatibility with previous versions of the debugger. Thus we combined a bunch of fixes/updates into one big update. Here is what it contains:

Unpacker Performance and File size improvements

Both the file size and time taken to unpack have been reduced by almost 20%. Enjoy a faster Chronon experience!


Bug fixes

Tons of them. If you were running into bugs in the debugger, you couldn't be anymore. If you use the Chronon Recording Server, make sure to update the Chronon Controller since this one contains a critical bugfix.

Enjoy the new Chronon and rest assured our future updates will not take this long.