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All the technical and design details on Chronon - The DVR for Java

Chronon Beta : The what, who and why

So today we finally made the long awaited Chronon beta open to all.

Since this is an engineering blog, I aim to clarify who the beta is meant for and under what scenarios it should be used.

The current beta is meant for internal use strictly. We would love for you to try it out in scenarios like development, support, QA, etc. However we do not see this release as being used in production level scenarios where performance is an extremely high level priority.

This is a beta in the true sense that we really want you to evaluate the robustness of the recorder and the time travelling debugger.  We want to hear from you if the recorder crashes under some circumstances or the level of performance you would like it to reach. Similarly for the time travelling debugger, we really want to hear your opinion on whether it helps you find root causes of bugs faster than a traditional debugger.

Keep in mind, 'beta' means things will be a little incomplete and sharp around the edges. For one, we the current eclipse plugin doesnt have great J2EE integration (will be there in final release). 

Even though we have tried to keep the UI of the debugger familiar to that of the traditional debugger, when you are in hardcore debugging mode you will realize how different it actually is. We know that this new UI will cause some surprises for the new users. Thus we have added a bunch of videos showcasing some scenarios how Chronon should be used. This blog will also be updating very frequently from now onwards to tell you about all our design decisions and have a nice discussion with everyone before we reach the final 1.0 release.