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Chronon coming soon to Jelastic


I am pleased to announce our new partner in crime Jelastic!

For those who don't know, Jelastic is the new, super awesome PAAS for Java which allows you to easily deploy your Java applications and automatically scale them. Unlike AWS, Jelastic allocates server resources dynamically, so if your Java program is sitting idle, you are not getting charged for any extra cpu/memory. This also means you don't have to deal with careful resource planning, since if your program needs needs more horsepower, Jelastic will automatically scale up and then down when not needed, charging you only for what was actually used.

For Jelastic users, begining in early Q1 2013, we are bringing the Chronon Recording Server. You will be able to install Chronon Recording Server with just a few clicks on your Jelastic apps and get rid of ever trying to reproduce bugs!

If you want to use Chronon on Jelastic right now, you can still use Embedded Chronon to do so.