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Chronon Free for Open Source Projects

Last week we won the Eclipse Community Awards for Best Developer Tool. Guess its time we start giving back to the community too.

Thus today we are announcing the long awaited, free open source license program for Chronon!
Read on for more details:

What we are offering

Free licenses of :

  1. Chronon Time Travelling Debugger
  2. Embedded Chronon

Who can get it

There is the obvious requirement of having an Open Source project with an active community
Please don't just check in a couple of files in github and ask for a free license. 

Apart from that we also ask for the following once your license is approved:

Allow submitting Chronon recordings to your bug repository

That's it! Just allow users to post Chronon Recordings in your bug repository (as attachments).

This is a benefit to both you and your users:

  1. Your users can easily report bugs as a Chronon Recording instead of trying to figure out and report the exact steps to reproduce the bugs.
  2. You get to fix bugs more easily by just playing back the recordings using the free Chronon Debugger license.
  3. Users can report bugs that occur sporadically or would require a complicated setup on your part to report it. Currently these kind of bugs remain unresolved, but with Chronon that would no longer be the case.

You will need to mention somewhere prominent on either your support/contact page and/or bug tracker that you allow Chronon Recordings.

We will help you with the wording and placement of the text. We will even send you a small badge you can put on your website and link to a page on that will describe to new users what Chronon is and how they can benefit from using it with your project.

For Embedded Chronon licensees

If your open source project has a user facing UI, ie for example its a rich client application or an eclipse plugin, you can use Embedded Chronon and its APIs to add a 'Record' button inside your application!

This way, if your user wants to report a bug, but you dont want to have Chronon running all the time in your application:

  1. They can click on a 'Start Recording' button to dynamically start the recorder in the running application.
  2. When the bug has occurred, they can click 'Stop Recording'.
  3. Then they can send you the Chronon recording in your bug repository where you can then easily debug the issue.

Again, a win for both your project and your users!

When can you get it

The free licenses will be available with the release of Chronon 3, however you can start applying for them now.

We believe the performance improvements in Chronon 3 and the resulting small recording file sizes make it much more easy to record applications and share those recordings.

We suggest all interested parties to request the Chronon 3 beta to start trying it out on your projects today.

For those interested in trying the full stack right now, you can download the free 30 day evaluation of Chronon 2.

Where to Apply

Fill the form here to get in the queue for open source licenses right now. 

For more questions, either post a comment or contact .