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Chronon full version released with Eclipse Java EE support

4 years ago, when I was still in college, every time I would encounter a bug in my program it would be a nightmare. Debugging would involve many, many hours of trying to reproduce the bug and fiddling with breakpoints. Of course, we all know how tough it is to reproduce a bug when it occurs in production, but even while developing it can be a nightmare when you have to go through a whole series of steps that takes a full 5 minutes before you can run your program to point where it hits the breakpoint where you think the problem might be. Of course like everyone else on the planet, I would never, ever get that breakpoint right the first time. Thus would begin my frustrating journey as I would keep fiddling with my breakpoints trying to get it to break the exact moment before the error occurred. And of course most of the time I would end up stepping over that the error nous piece of code and end up cringing, if only I could step back! And god forbid, if that error was in a multithreaded program I really wanted to step back because I may never be able to reproduce the error ever again.

If only I could step back....

With the release of full version of Chronon today, I think its safe to say this marks the beginning of a new era for Java and programming in general. No longer is the thought of debugging scary. No longer do we have to worry about reproducing bugs. No longer do we have to wish if only we could step back. We can

What initially began few years ago as an idea for a debugger with a 'step back' button has morphed into something much greater. We now have a full 'flight data recorder' for Java, which can produce recordings to disk, eliminating the need to reproduce bugs entirely. When we started working with the data from the recording, we realized we can make something much bigger than just a 'step back' button. The result is all the amazing functionality that the Chronon debugger provides. In fact, once you start using it you realize that you rarely ever need to use any of the stepping buttons at all!


We really do want every Java developer using Chronon technology to record and debug their applications, thus ending the nightmare of debugging entirely. To that end, instead of pricing Chronon at a super-expensive price where the only way to buy it would be to get approval from 5 layers of management and involve tons of sales people, we have decided to make it so affordable, you dont have to think twice about purchasing.

Currently our most expensive plan costs only $35/month (price of a good dinner) and it goes down to just $10/month (price of a movie ticket). We have also decided to offer the product as a subscription. This is another way to keep our prices down since we dont have to charge you a large fee for a perpetual license. Also this means we dont have to stall bugfixes and upgrades to entice you to buy the next version. As long as you have an active subscription you can download all the updates for free.

Whats new

A big part of this release is the new Eclipse Java EE integration. You can now record your Tomcat/JBoss/any other app server right from within Eclipse. Below are some of the screenshots of the functionality:


We have even published a video demoing the Chronon integration with Eclipse Java EE. You can even read about the integration features here.

Thanks to the feedback of a huge number of beta testers, we have been able to fix an enormous amount of bugs and improve the product a lot. If you used a beta release, you should definitely try the current release and you will have an entirely different, much smoother experience. I will be describing in technical detail some of the improvements in the next few blog posts.

That said, we have a lot more in store. If you think the current Chronon is cool, wait till you see what we come up with in the next few versions. We will keep improving the product very frequently in the weeks to come. With our subscription model, you should be getting them as soon as they are available. So go ahead, download Chronon and give it a try with the free 30 day evaluation.