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Dark Eclipse theme

Intellij IDEA recently launched with a cool new Dark theme, so I set about to find something equivalent for my beloved Eclipse.


Apparently it didn't take me too long. All you need to do is :

1. Make sure you have the latest version of Eclipse, ie, Juno

Sorry but previous versions dont exactly support theming. 

2. Download the 'Dark Juno' theme

This will change the color of all eclipse view and toolbars to a dark theme. However we still have to change the color theme of the editor.

3. Get the Eclipse Color Themes plugin

Install a dark theme for the editor from there. I personally recommend 'Oblivion'. It is also the most popular theme on the site.

And tada! You now have 'Dark Eclipse'! Granted the theming is a bit rough around the edges but you didn't have to fiddle with your OS color schemes and takes only minutes to setup. You end up with a nice, eye soothing color palette for an application you will be looking at all day :)