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'Per Thread Time' and updated Timeline View in Chronon 3

While we get the final Chronon 3 build ready, lets talk about some of the UI stuff in Chronon 3. Although this release is mainly focused on insane performance improvements, we have taken some time to improve the Chronon Debugger too.

Per Thread Time

Up till Chronon 2, we only had a single global timeline to represent all events.

With Chronon 3, we are introducing 'Per Thread Time', which gives each thread its own timeline, facilitating in must easier and faster debugging.

Timeline View

The Timeline View has always been one of the most critical views in the Chronon Debugger UI. It does the fundamental job of telling you whether you just jumped forward/backward in the execution of your program. Without it, you would be 'lost in time'. The Timeline view also allows to save Time Bookmarks.

Time Progress Bars


The biggest UI change you will notice is that instead of having a single bar showing progress through time, we have 2 bars.

One shows 'global time', which tells you how far you are down the execution of the entire program. This is conceptually similar to the single bar that used to be present in Chronon 2.

The bar below that shows you how far you are down the execution of the current thread.

Time Bookmarks

Time Bookmarks now save time as 'current thread time' instead of 'global time'


Per Thread Time is a feature that many users have wanted and is extremely useful.

A lot of times, in a large recording, you can have many, many threads that were created and destroyed throughout the course of the program, and you really want to know whether the code you are debugging in the current thread, are you close to the end of that thread or in the middle. A good example is when debugging uncaught exceptions, since when you are near an uncaught exception, the 'current thread' bar will be almost full.

With that said, we are just packaging things up for the final release. Stay tuned to our twitter feed to hear about the release as soon as it is available!