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Emergency bugfix update for Chronon Recording Server

We have just updated the Chronon Recording Server to version with an emergency bugfix update.

The update can be downloaded from the download page on our website:

Bug Details

The bug occurs when a recording is 'split' at preset time intervals (eg 1 hour), by the Recording Server and results in a corrupt recording.

The bug is inside the Chronon Recorder and during a 'split' can produce an invalid recording, which will throw an exception during the unpack phase. If you try to unpack the recording inside eclipse, the Chronon eclipse plug-in will show an error saying the recording is corrupt. The exception/error will show itself near the end of the unpack phase ( ie, after atleast 90% of the way through).


To fix the bug, download the latest recording server zip file and just replace the recorder.jar files in your recording server installation with the updated version in the new recording server zip.

The current recorder .jar version with the bugfix is If you are using that version or higher, then you are fine, otherwise you need to update.


Our thanks to Steven M, who reported this issue. We fully support your reporting of issues and we appreciate it when people work with us to identify and solve the problem.


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